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Lifetime Design Transfer License

Extended License To Sell Transfer or Vinyl Decals - Lifetime Design License - Up To 500 Print/Cuts Per Design

IMPORTANT You can not use coupon codes or any sale discounts with any license listing. If you do the license will NOT be valid.

Do I need the Extended License?
If you are purchasing/previously purchased any Morgan Day designs to print/cut and apply to a shirt or other item to sell, then you DO NOT need the Extended License. 
If you'd like to sell transfers or vinyl decals, then you will need to purchase the Extended License.

This listing is for the license only, you will need to purchase any designs you wish to sell as transfers or vinyl decals separately.

Lifetime Design: all current designs listed in my shop plus all future designs. 
Example: Purchase this "Extended License" listing and then you purchase designs to use with the license as you wish.

By Purchasing This "Extended License To Sell Transfers or Vinyl Decals" Lifetime Design Listing Constitutes Your Agreement To Abide By The Following Terms And Conditions Of This Extended License.

I understand the following terms:

- Morgan Day Designs gives me (the buyer) the right to sell transfers or vinyl decals
- This "Extended License To Sell Transfers or Vinyl Decals" is for all current designs listed plus all future designs that I wish to sell as a transfer or vinyl decal.
- I can sell up to 500 prints/cuts of each design purchased. 
- I cannot sell purchased design digitally in any way.
- I cannot share the Extended License or Original Design.
- Morgan Day Designs retains the copyrights to all digital designs created and sold.
- I am not required to give credit back to Morgan Day Designs (sharing a link back to Morgan Day Designs for each design listed in your shop or on your website)
- I cannot represent nor claim the artwork as my own original design.
- I will receive a digital file of the license and nothing will be shipped to me. (recommended that you keep the license file with the design file)
- I will be emailed a License Number, that will identify my name/business, licenses and design purchases.
- I must include the Buyers Name, Business Name, Email, Website(s) to where the designs will be sold, include Facebook pages/groups, private groups I will need to be added to the group.
- I must report any updates if I decide to sell on another marketplace, website or platform.
- I must keep a record of each purchased design sale and once I reach 500 I must contact MDD for another extended license or I can not sell that design anymore.

Failure to abide by this agreement of the "Extended License To Sell Transfers or Vinyl Decals" will immediately void the license and no refunds will be given.

NO REFUNDS on any Licenses or Designs

- The Buyers Name, Business Name and Email the license is being purchased for.
- Website(s) to where the design will be sold. (this also includes any Facebook Pages or Groups, if it is a private group I will need to be added to the group)

Click Link Below For More License Options

This License does NOT give permission to sell on POD sites (print on demand) such as, but not limited to: Redbubble, Amazon Merch, Zazzle, Printful
This License does NOT give permission to allow Third Party Contracting, designs must be printed/cut within the buyers small business, you cannot hire outside of your small business.

Contact me if you would like any of the following licenses:
- POD License
- Corporation License

Morgan Day Designs maintains a database of all Extended Licenses.

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