I could be considered a hoarder...a font hoarder that is! I love fonts so much and I'm constantly on the hunt for new fonts to spruce up my font library. I have certain go-to places where I like to shop for fonts and I have several favorite font designers. 

The perfect font can really make your creation stand out, but choosing the wrong font can hide your creation in the crowd, and we want everyone to see and love our creations...right?! Of course we do!

Searching for fonts can be overwhelming to some and a joy for others. I have put together a resource list of my favorite places to shop for the best quality fonts and I will share with you some of my favorite font designers.

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Font Bundles Design Bundles

Font Bundles is my go-to place to shop for fonts! In my opinion they have the best fonts around the web. Any kind of font your looking for I am sure they have it, plus their fonts come with a commercial license at no extra cost. They also have a weekly freebie and a section on their website that is full of free fonts and who doesn't like free...I know I do! So check out you will not be disappointed!

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG is my next go-to spot for fonts. They have great fonts at a great price. My favorite thing about shopping with them is the $1 Deals. Some of the cutest fonts can be found in their dollar section. They also have a weekly freebie and you can find many other creative items when you shop at

 Creative Fabrica Fonts

 A great place to find fonts is Creative Fabrica because they have tons of bundles and subscription options. Their fonts come with a commercial license and they have some of the most popular fonts on the market today! They add new fonts everyday, so you can go shopping at everyday and see something new!

So Fontsy

 So Fontsy, don't you just love the name?! Seriously...the name says it all! You can get lots of different types of fonts at So Fontsy, you can even get embroidery fonts. You can also get the So Fontsy exclusive font for free! They have featured weekly fonts, bundles and they have a section on their site called the "Almost Free Fonts" this section is filled with $3 fonts and they change weekly sometimes daily, so if nothing else you will definitely want to check out for those great $3 deals!

Font Bundles Font Designers

I have a handful (or two) of my absolute favorite font designers that I sometimes find myself stalking (LOL) to see when their next font will be released! I wanted to share a few of those with you so that you can enjoy these great fonts just as much as I do!

KA Designs - I CANNOT get enough of her fonts! Literally she has so many super unique and fun fonts! They are addicting, you can't just buy one!

Justina Tracy - Justina is the creative goddess behind Crafty Little Nodes! I just love all her stuff! She has a lot of font pairs that are perfect when creating. She also has a lot of holiday inspired fonts.

Kitaleigh - I have many of Nikita's fonts and let me tell you, they all pair so well together. You never have to rack your brain when trying to pair fonts because they all pair perfectly.

Missy Meyer - Missy is the designer of the popular font called Pinsetter along with many more, but my all time favorite is Garlic Butter. I have a lot of her fonts and they usually my go-to fonts when I am designing! 


There you go! Those are my favorite spots to shop for fonts and a few of my favorite font designers. I hope you find these resources helpful when you are looking for new fonts.